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MEET THE CHEF  Justin Matheson


Justin Matheson

My Story. 

I got started with BBQ in high school. When I was a freshman I went out to our shop and asked my dad if we could build a smoker, in a weekend we had my first smoker we did't spend a dime on it. We only used parts we had laying around. I had many learning experiences on that smoker. When I started my senior year I wanted to create a new smoker one big enough to cook for my graduation party. 

When I graduated from high school I enrolled in North Dakota State Collage of Science Culinary arts program. My teachers were great and I learned a lot, and used what I learned to improve my barbecue. 


I strive to make the best food I possibly can. Using good quality meats and only the best ingredients to give you the food you deserve to eat. I don't settle for less than perfect!!

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